A leather leash you wish you could wear yourself.

In 2019 we introduced our Shaya community to the Susan and Sasha Leash. Leather leashes (and a vegan alternative) made with the fashionable in mind and the safety of our best furry friends at the forefront of the design process. The Susan Leash was created after my own obsession with acrylic accessories. I saw acrylic handled bags, hair clips, and even shoes. But no pet brand was using the material to create thoughtfully designed accessories you would want to wear. So, our family decided to follow the launch of our carrier with leashes you wish you could wear yourself.

The idea for a bamboo handle came to me during a Fashion Institute of Technology class I was taking while working on launching Shaya. I was tasked with creating a pet product that you couldn’t find on the market. One visit to the stores of the Garment District in NYC, three bags of supplies, and two sleepless nights later I created the first version of the Sasha Leah using a bamboo handle and some webbing. I used that leash for a full year before we launched the official Sasha Leash.Since we launched our leather leashes in December 2019, we have sold over 10,000 units to over 20 different countries. What makes our leashes so popular? Our leather leashes and our Vegan Sasha Leash are all ethically made using byproduct leather and a minimal plastic alternative. All of our leather leashes, with the exception of our Red Leopard Susan Leash are water and scratch resistant. They can handle walks to the park, a hike in the mountains, a drag across the floor, and even a few playful nips from your bff.

Luxury Leather Leashes

Choose your style of leash and mix and match it with our signature collars and clean up purses for a full set. And when you purchase an entire walking set you can enjoy 30% off Clean Up Purse (no code necessary). 

Last Summer we got one of the kindest reviews of our two-year run. Shelley M. in her review asked us: “can you make human accessories already?” That’s exactly the kind of response we were looking for when we started Shaya.

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