Shaya Means Something.


Shaya is a luxury brand creating elevated essentials for pets and humans. Our name derives from the ancient Persian word for “worthy” and the Biblical name meaning “gift from God.” To us, there is no higher calling than honoring the animals you love--and the ways they live (and move) with you. We design pieces of uncompromising quality that connect you both, because your time together is the ultimate luxury.

We Are People With Pets...With Bags.

To us, pets aren’t a niche feature or a nice add-on--they’re the center focus of daily life, constant companions and bffs (best furry friends). That’s why our design process is different from other luxury bags’ and pet carriers. We don’t make you choose between something nice for yourself and something functional for your pet. We see you both as a highly deserving unit, and treat your shared comfort and delight as our overarching priority. The result is uncompromised luxury-- premium calfskin leather and waxed canvas with deftly placed interior pockets for you, and a smooth nylon interior lining that’s both classic and high tech (timeless texture, antimicrobial action) for your pet. And since we design with them in mind, pets love Shaya just as much as you do (trust us--once you see the look on their face, you’ll know). Because your world revolves around them, we made a bag that revolves around you both. “Pet-friendly” is an understatement. 

Born in NYC. Bred in Italy.


If you want the best of everything, you have to go everywhere. We began the design process for Shaya on a New York subway car (on the Q, for you locals), then scoured the globe for the right designers and makers who could see that vision through, up to the highest standards. Naturally, we landed in Italy. Our partners in Venice are master artisans--and the ultimate perfectionists--with a combined 70 years of experience in luxury craftsmanship. They are our trusted allies in all matters of material and design, working on our first bag for nearly a year before we finally reached the perfect model together. Basically they’ve made the rest (of the luxury bags you know and love); now they’re making the best (bag for pets and humans too). Oh, and their dog Caesare helped, too. Obviously.

Meet The Founding Pet And Human


When Davina Farahi met Baby G about 7 years ago, life changed for the much, much better. Since high school, Davina’s life had been spent helping those with special needs and circumstances, from working with children in crisis to advocating for injured individuals from underprivileged communities. When she met Baby G, she found someone with the same calling — although her way of helping was usually with a nuzzle and a wag, she spreads joy everywhere she goes. So Davina started taking her, well, everywhere. In 2019, after graduating from Columbia Business School, she founded Shaya with her three siblings as a simple yet elevated way for pets and humans to stay connected in uncompromising style and comfort. Because the more places they go, the more joy — for everyone.