Summer Looks for you and your dog

While travel may be limited, that doesn't mean your summer looks have to be. We've put together stylish summer outfits that include your best furry friends so you can leave the house ready for a stylish adventure - together. Take these looks to the dog park, lunch at your favorite restaurant or even on a date. 

Summer look 1: This summer looks is perfect for date night, or walk near the beach. 

Summer looks for you and your dog from shaya pets

Carrier | Hat | Dress | Boots | Necklace 

Summer look 2: A cute day dress, a headband, and a leash that will turn all the heads. Draw just the right amount of attention with this summer look. 

Outfit inspiration look for shaya pets

Dog Leash | Dress | Headband | Slides

Summer look 3: This is more of a lifestyle inspiration share. Here's everything you need for an afterwork picnic. Made for just you and your dog. A treat for you both! 

Summer look inspiration

Pet Carrier | Dress | Shoes | Beverage | Cheese (trader joe's obviously)

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