Pet Leashes Made For Kids

When we designed our leashes we thought about the best pair: kids and their best furry friends. There is no bond more pure and we wanted to honor it by making leashes that are easy for kids to walk with. 

Kids of Shaya Pets

Short Cobalt Leash and Black Leather Clean Up Purse

Our short leash has the perfect handle size for adults and children. It's small enough for a little hand to grab onto, with rounded edges that won't hurt your little ones hands.

Shaya Pets Leashes made for kids

Short Ruby Leather Leash 

Take your child on a walk with their best furry friend in style with leashes that are made with them in mind. 

Shaya Kids with the Clean Up Purse

Shaya Clean Up Purse

P.S. Kids love our clean up purse as a mini purse. 

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