Pet Instagram Accounts That Make Us Smile

If you are anything like me, you have been turning to pet Instagram accounts to bring a smile to your face during this difficult time. My parents keep wondering why they hear dogs barking or snoring when I’m on my phone, but I cannot be the only one engaging in this kind of behavior right now. Watching balls of fur do their thing is simply the best way to stay positive and pass the time while we are quarantined at home. I luckily get to interact with my dog, and thankfully she isn’t territorial and allows me to enjoy other furry friends as well.
I thought I’d share our favorite pet Instagram accounts. Each one is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face when you need it most.
 Cuddle Masters
Samson the Doodle Samson the Doodle
Photos from @samsonthedood Instagram
@samsonthedood is the Instagram account of my mother’s dreams. Its filled with dogs cuddling their best friend – a baby. It combines furry friends and a little human to make for the snuggliest content. If your heart doesn’t melt when you see this account, there is something very wrong with you.
Greatest Outfits
Pug Lou Lou outfitsPug Lou Lou in Blush Pet Carrier
Photos from @pugloulou Instagram account. Lou Lou in the Blush Shaya Pet Carrier
@pugloulou is the master of cute outfits. Not sure if she picks them out herself or if she lets her humans help, but no one can beat her at this game. We’re thinking she should teach a class on it while we are all quarantined and dreaming of our summer outfits.
Center of Attention
Photos from @theerectwiener Instagram. Charlotte jumping into the Black Shaya Pet Carrier
@theerectwiener is at the center of every stage and steals the show every time. We wish we had her grace, her agility, and her confidence. It may just be a wiener thing, but more likely, Charlotte is just a bad ass.
The Cool BFFs
Hilton Pets and Shaya PetsParis Hilton & Shaya Pets
Photos from @hiltonpets Instagram
Tell me about a pet that has a better life than @hiltonpets - I dare you. Paris Hilton treats her fur babies like royalty (as we all should). They have their own little mansion, travel to exotic destinations, and generally live like royalty. I’d kill to replace the cutest chihuahua and member of Hilton squad, Diamond Baby. For now, I will settle for watching her and her siblings live their best lives.

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