Hot (Dog) Mom Walk

Emerging out of the pandemic, “hot girl walks” were a way to get outside and clear your mind. These strolls became extremely popular, motivating people to look cute while getting their steps in. Today, these walks remain admired and have surpassed the time limit of a “trend,” making them more of a way of life. 

With warmer weather on the rise, “hot girl walks” are back in season and Shaya is here to recommend how you and your dog can look hot while appreciating the outdoors. Here are some of our favorite things sure to catch some eyes on the boulevard: 

Susan Leather Dog Leash

Our Susan leash in cobalt is a perfect match for this blue monochrome outfit. Made with an acrylic handle and water and scratch-resistant leather, not only can you endure any weather, but also look stylish while doing so. 

Cobalt Blue Leather Dog Leash
The Outfit

In order to feel hot, you need to look hot. What better way to stroll classily and comfortably than in a bodysuit, parachute pants, and sneaks? This low-neck, short-sleeve bodysuit from Pretty Little Thing welcomes some sun rays without the dreaded tan lines. As for the pants, these ones from Rewash are perfect for everyday wear, with pockets and a baggy fit. To pull the outfit together, these New Balance shoes combine lifestyle and athletic, being flexible enough to chase your dog just in case they get ahead of you. To sum it up, this outfit will keep everything aesthetic and airy, because how dare you look sweaty in case you meet your future husband.

Blue bodysuitBlue cargo pantsNew balance shoesAccessories

Picture this: you and your dog are out and about spending quality time together when you run into someone you haven't seen in a while and have to awkwardly say hi and plan a puppy playdate. Part of the purpose of this walk is to put yourself in a good mindset and what could be worse than a surface-level conversation about plans that will never come to fruition? To avoid this, nothing works better than a sick pair of sunnies, headphones, and a hat. These blue, butterfly-shaped sunglasses from Cettire will help you stay focused and your eyes on the prize, the road ahead, oh and your dog of course! Next, headphones are a must. What else, besides slobbery kisses, put you in as good of a mood as your favorite tunes? The AirPods Max headphones from Apple will not only fit the blue theme but also set a good rhythm for your stride. To top it off, literally, this baseball cap from Urban Outfitters will give the sporty edge to the whole look. 

         Blue sunglassesBlue headphones

Just in Case

It doesn’t hurt to come prepared, whether it be for in climate weather or an out-of-breath pup. Because Groundhog Day just passed and we know Punxatawney Phil saw his shadow, we’re in for six more weeks of winter. With this being said, getting an early start to prepare for spring break may call for a jacket. This cropped jacket from Lululemon is perfect to have wrapped around your waist or just in case it’s not as sunny as you thought it was going to be. This look wouldn't be finished without a water bottle. The talk of the town right now is the Stanley Cup. This tumbler will keep your ice water cold for up to 12 hours so you stay hydrated and glowing. It even has a handle to attach a collapsible silicone dog bowl from Chewy so your dog sip too.

Blue puffer jacket with matching pet clothes and accessories

This look is sure to make you feel like you have your shit together. “Hot girl walks” are a start to prioritizing yourself and your mental health. Do things like this that make you happy, and things that you can have your dog by your side for, and make sure you both look good while doing it!


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