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As I mentioned in a previous blog post launching our favorite female founder series, I am personally dedicated to highlighting female businesswomen and the brands they have worked so hard to create. This blog focuses on female founded companies in the food space. You’ll see quite a few sweets brands on this list. What can I say? I have quite the sweet tooth.

I was fortunate to go to grad school with some truly creative people. One of them is Lauren Warsavsky, the founder of Sweet Lolli – a candy charcuterie board. You can customize your board with different candy messages and even have the acrylic board it’s on customized with your name. A Sweet Lolli board is the perfect gift for your best friend, your niece or nephew, or the girl you are trying to impress. Made with different candies so you don’t have to pick just one sweet to satisfy your craving.

Check out Sweet Lolli on their website and give them a follow on Instagram @sweetlolli.

A candy company I am obsessed is focused on creating a healthier alternative when you need to cut back on the sugar. Tara Bosch launched Smart Sweets out of at 21 years old. You can now find it at Whole Foods (go girl!). That’s where I discovered their peach rings. They blew my mind and satisfied my aggressive sweet tooth. Now I have 5 bags in my freezer at all times. I freeze them because I’ve discovered that gummies taste better when extra firm and cold. You can now find an alternative to sugary watermelon and sweetfish gummies as well as a few other treats. Having tried them all, I still favor the peach rings. 

Check out Smart Sweets on their website and give them a follow on Instagram @smartsweets.

My love of all things sweet continues with the best cake I’ve ever put in my stomach. You’ve probably heard of Liz Roth’s Little House Confectioners Bomb Ass Olive Oil cake and for good reason. Something that should be simple has the ability to blow your tastebuds out of the water. I got to try out a few of their goodies when we included their pop tarts in our Valentine’s Day PR package (yes, we bought and paid for the treats – we’re serious about supporting other female founders). The seasonal kumquat cake was my family’s favorite at Shabbat dinner, but I’m still dreaming of that appropriately named Bomb Ass Olive Oil cake. You can feel good about supporting this bakery since they donate a portion of sales to different charities. Giving back never tasted so good!

Check out Little House Confectioners on their website and give them a follow on Instagram @littlehouseconfections

While quarantining with my family last year, we sent my dad to the grocery store to pick up some tortilla's for Mexican night. As expected, he came back with the wrong brand of tortillas - instead of what we asked for he brought Almond Flour tortilla's by Siete Foods. It was the best mistake he's ever made. We pan fried the tortillas and discovered the true magic of this brand. Since then, we've tried their sauces and dips and every type of tortilla. Everything has been a ten. Oh, it also feels good to support a mom who was looking for healthy alternatives to help her health. 

Check out Siete Food's on their website and give them a follow on Instagram @sietefoods. 

This female founded food brand is for our best furry friends. Sarah Ahmed founded the ODD Food after becoming a dog mom herself. They recently launched with a cookie made out of discarded scrapings from the produce industry. Healthy for your dog with no junk, while using what others consider “junk.” Try out these treats, feel good about minimizing waste, and make your pup happy at the same time.

Check out ODD Food's on their website and give them a follow on Instagram @theoddfood.

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