A Versatile Clean Up Purse

Here at Shaya we call our poop bag holders Clean Up Purses. It's our way of giving something that's not traditionally cute a nice name. Modeled after modern clean up purses, our poop bags are seriously functional and fashion forward. We work with our artisans to craft something you actually want to use when out on your daily walks with your dog, or even turn into a keychain wallet. 

The Shaya Clean Up Purse can hold poop bags plus your credit cards, cash, lipstick and even treats for your dog. That is one seriously useful mini purse. 
Leather clean up purses

If you are looking for something vegan we have you covered with the Vegan Clean Up Purse. Made with premium coated canvas its a purchase you can feel good about.

Vegan leather poop bag holder
Looking for something a little more adventurous? Our Clean Up Purse in Embossed Yellow and Black has just the right amount of flair. The design is made using byproduct leather and stamping it with a snake like pattern. 
Stylish poop bag holder for dogs
If you are looking to buy an entire walking set, enjoy 30% off clean up purses at checkout. No code necessary. Just have the leash, collar and clean up purse of your choice in your cart. Feel free to mix and match! 

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