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5 Stylish Reasons You'll Be Getting Out Of The House
With Your Dog This Season...

Experience the difference with Shaya. Here's why our leash collection is a must-have accessory this spring.

1. Turn Heads with Your Furry Friend

Walking with your pet should be a luxury. All of our leashes at Shaya Pets are crafted in Italy using the finest materials for a quality and aesthetic that are unmatched. Stand out from the crowd with our unique leashes.

2. Quality You Can Trust

Shaya is committed to providing only the best. We meticulously craft our products, ensuring that you receive a product that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Our thoughtfully designed pet pieces are ethically made for the pet that wants to be as fashionable as you are.  

3. The Perfect Leash for All

Our leash collection is designed for dogs (& humans) up of all sizes. Each leash is crafted for a comfortable and fashionable walk. Try a short leash for kids who want to walk their best furry friend. Or a long leash for you that fits in with your outfit. No bland, boring colors and patterns here.  

4. It's Not Just For Dogs

We love all furry family members, and wanted to create a stylish collection that could be worn by both cats and dogs. Your feline friend will feel stylish and snazzy during their walk - if that's their thing :) 

5. Join a Community of Satisfied Users

You're joining a community of pet lovers who have experienced Shaya difference. A portion of each sale goes towards helping children with special needs get a service dog they otherwise couldn't afford. Be a part of something bigger.

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Experience the Luxury of Shaya's Pet Accessories

"We've tried many pet products before, but nothing compares. The quality is top-notch, and it's clear that Shaya really cares about their customers."

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"I can't imagine my dog's life without Shaya now. The leashes are amazing quality and are so stylish. Shaya has really outdone themselves with this one."

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"Shaya has helped me unlock a side of myself I didn't know existed. Buying accessories for my pet has been so much fun. Kudos to Shaya for creating such fun products."

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Cobalt Shaya Pet Carrier

Experience luxury travel with your pet in the Cobalt Shaya Pet Carrier, handcrafted in Italy with water and scratch resistant leather to ensure lasting durability. Enjoy in-flight peace of mind with its air-compliant design, while the antibacterial lining keeps your pet clean and comfortable. An exclusive accessory for the modern pet owner.

  • Airline Approved
  • Cross Body Strap for a Life on the Go 
  • Ethically Sourced and Handmade in Italy
  • Water & Scratch Resistant Italian Leather

*** Patented Design ***


Shaya Handle Twilly in Bold

A luxury twilly made for the handle of your Shaya Leash. Crafted from Oscar de la Renta dead stock silk - it's classic, bold and dramatic. Wrap it around the handle of your leash, your favorite purse or wear as a headband or a scarf. Grab a pair to match with your best furry friend as you go on your next adventure. 

  • Made by in hand in New York
  • Four pattern options from the same fabric
  • Made from Oscar de la Renta dead-stock silk
  • Fits around Shaya Leash Handles and doubles as a headband or scarf