What you need to include your dog in your wedding - a checklist

Your wedding day can be quite stressful, including your dog shouldn't be. For most people their pets are their family, so including them in their wedding is a no brainer. That being said, you'll need to do a little work beforehand to make sure you are prepared to include your four legged friend in your special day. Here is a checklist for how to include your dog in your wedding: 

  • Notify ceremony space that you'll be brining your pet
  • Notify your reception venue that you'll be brining your pet
  • Notify your photographer so they can plan the perfect shots with your bff 
  • Make sure there are no other animals around that they might react poorly too. 
  • If using confetti, make sure it's pet friendly.
  • Make sure your dog is comfortable with whoever will be walking them down the aisle. 
  • Hire a pet sitter for before and after your dogs appearance. 
  • Pack a water bowl and treats. If your dog will be there for a few hours then maybe pack a small meal. 
  • Make sure you find the perfect accessories for your pet that compliments your wedding day aesthetic. We created the Shaya Wedding Collection for pets so that they can fit in seamlessly. Shop the collection here

Once you've checked all of these off, you're ready to bring your best furry friend to your wedding. One thing to remember on the special day: have the pet sitter take your dog on a potty break before their walk down the aisle or you take any photos together. 

Pet accessories for a wedding

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