What you need in a pet carrier 


Pet carriers can be scary for our furry best friends. They never know where you might be taking them when in their bag, it can be uncomfortable if they don’t have the support they need & they might hate not being able to walk. For us humans, carriers can be bulky, uncomfortable to carry, and lack the basic features to make carry your pet a pleasant experience. That’s why we thought threw what’s needed to make the perfect carrier - launching with our debut Shaya Carrier

Made for Pets: 

  1. A baseboard to support their feet and bodies - so they can stand comfortably and look out or lay out and feel comfy enough to rest. 
  2. Two mesh windows for their viewing (& breathing) pleasure. It’s important for pets to be able to see you and what is around them when in a pet carrier - that’s why we created two large windows so they can still explore the world from the safety of their carrier. 
  3. Interior pocket to hold everything they need & want. You might not know how long you’ll be out with your pet, or what they’ll need while you’re on the go. To solve this, we created a large inner pocket that can fit a collapsible water bowl, a meal (or two), treats, and any forms you might need to carry with you. 

Made for humans:

  1. We made the Shaya Carrier for pets, but we also designed it for humans. Other pet carriers are bulky and tacky while ours is anything but. We made our carrier using byproduct leather and canvas - mimicking popular handbags & briefcases. 
  2. A pocket for your stuff, too. A lot of other carriers have open pockets on the outside of their carriers or no pockets at all (thats crazy). We are pet parents who tested out every carrier out there and no what a hassle it is to have nowhere to put your stuff or to carry an extra bag along with the carrier. On every Shaya Carrier you have your own dedicated pocket on the outside of the carrier that fits all the essentials. 
  3. Easy to wear & clean. What really separates us from the pack is that we used materials that don’t get ruined easily and can be cleaned with a little soap and water. The outside of our pet carrier is made with water and scratch-resistant leather and canvas. YES, OUR CARRIER IS SCRATCH AND WATER RESISTANT.  The inside is lined with an antibacterial and water-resistant lining so accidents won't destroy your bag (or make it smelly). Just clean out the inside with a damp cloth and a little soap and it’s basically brand new.Luxury Pet Accessories by Shaya Pets

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