What makes a carrier airline compliant

When we set out to create the Debut Shaya Carrier we knew it had to be ready to go with you and your best furry friend (bff) on every type of adventure. Hopefully some of those adventures take you on a flight to somewhere exotic and exciting. With that in mind, we researched all the rules around flying with your pet. There are a lot, and we covered them all so you don’t need two carriers. You just need the one. 

1. Two sides of the carrier need to have ventilation. The Shaya has a large top mesh window that makes it easy for your dog to pop in and out. You can also keep this open when carrying your dog around the airport. Our second window is on the front-facing side of our bag. With an optional leather flap to cover or reveal the window, you can lift up the window so your bff can see from multiple angles. 

2. Leak proof inner lining. Our bag is lined with a water-resistant and anti-bacterial nylon. That means you don’t have to worry about potential accidents. They won’t leak through the bag, they won’t ruin the leather, and your bag won’t start to smell!

3. Your pet needs to be fully enclosed in their carrier and placed under the seat in front of you. We use locking zippers so your pet can’t open up their carrier from the inside. You (their human) need to pull the tab for the zippers to open.

  • 4. Your carrier needs to fit under the seat in front of you. The Shaya Carrier is soft-sided. This means most airlines in the US will allow you to take our carrier on board even if it’s a little bigger than the stated sizing limits. Always check with the airline before traveling.  We’ve tested it on multiple airlines and never run into a problem! 
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