What does it mean to be a luxury pet accessories brand?

We take the label of luxury pet accessories seriously. But what exactly it mean? Well to us, it means being thoughtful about every detail – from the hardware to the hangtag and everything in between.

Premium products you’d wear yourself.

The leather, hardware, and even the reinforcements we use are all from suppliers that provide materials to top luxury houses. Think Louis Vuitton, Prada, Mansur Gavriel. We took the best supplies out there and put them together to create pet accessories, something rarely done before. We took it one step further by finding a true partnership between thoughtful design for humans and safe construction for pets. Something no other luxury brand has done before us. Sure, the Louis Vuitton pet carrier and products by other name brands are pretty – but they lack functionality and safety for your pet.

Hand made by master craftsman.

 Our factory in Italy started two generations ago. When they first began, they worked with top brands like Gucci, helping construct their bags and small leather accessories. Then they decided to partner with new brands – using their knowledge to support brands as they build their signature products. With years of experience working for the brands you know and love, you can trust that they are the perfect partners to build a modern pet accessories brand.

We worked with our team from the beginning of the design phase to make sure our pet carrier as thoughtfully designed from top to tail.

 Attention to every detail.

Our focus on the details does not stop at the products. From the layout of our website to the recycled material used in our packaging – we focus on everything. The dust bags used to cover our products have a soft interior so that none of the items you receive will have a scratch on them. We’re not going to lie, we sat as a family for a little too long touching dust bag samples. We considered over 60 samples before we picked the bags you now see when you open a Shaya package. Picking our boxes was a little bit easier. We knew we wanted our signature line: “Luxury Accessories. Pets Welcome.” included in the box. Really it was only a question of material. Our boxes are made out of recycled cardboard. They are pretty enough that you can use them for storage or recycle them again.

Made for special moments and all the moments in between.

One of the reasons we started Shaya was the lack of accessories that could be worn with sweatpants your party outfit. Yes, Baby G has gone to some fun parties and it’s been made easier by taking her in high fashion accessories made for pets. It’s been amazing to see how our community has styled their Shaya accessories. Kendall Jenner walked her dog in the Susan Leash while wearing athleisure. Priyanka Chopra wore a fun party look while walking her dog Diana around London during New Years in the Clean Up Purse in Blush. Some of you have used our carrier to go to lunch, fly internationally, or to visit a friend. Wherever you are going, we promise Shaya pet accessories can go with you. Helping to keep you and your pet together.

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