The Shaya Wedding Collection For Pets

A line of elevated accessories for the biggest day of your life. Each item in our Wedding Collection is thoughtfully designed to add a memorable touch to your special day. Include your best furry friend with elegant pieces made for them and designed for you. 

Each pet accessory can be used from engagement to your wedding and beyond. They are perfect for family photoshoots, maternity shoots, and everyday adventures. All accessories in this line are made our premium white water & scratch resistant leather. 

The Essi Leash 

The Essi Leash - dog leash for a wedding.

Studded with 12 pearls and our signature heart snout etched rivets. Made with a handle that can be easily held by an adult or a little flower girl. Shop The Essi. 

The Jila Collar

The jila collar - dog collar for weddings and engagements

A compliment to the Essi Leash, the Jila Collar is made with the same leather and 3 small pearls. Hardware that won't pull on your dog's hair. Shop the Jila Collar.

 The Sloane Clean Up Purse

The Sloane Clean Up Purse - a purse for weddings.
A mini purse made for special moments. This little bag can be used to hold poop bags or flowers for your flower girls. Take the Sloane Clean Up Purse from your wedding to your daily walks as a family. Shop the Sloane Clean Up Purse.

The Ben Leash 

The Ben Leash - a dog leash for your engagement and wedding.

A distinguished look for your best furry man. Our Ben Leash is a twist on a classic look. Made with our premium white leather, and a sparkle fabric bow tie. This leash can be used during every special moment leading to your wedding, and then beyond. Shop the Ben Leash.

The David Collar & Michael Bow Tie

A pair with the Ben Leash. The David Collar is crafted to fit comfortably on your best furry man. Hardware that doesn't pull on their hair, and our signature heart snout etched rivets. The Michael Bow Tie slides on and off so you can wear it for special moments or everyday adventures. Shop the David Collar & Michael Bow Tie.  

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