What to do with your dog's wedding outfit after the big day

You spend a lot of time and effort picking out the perfect outfit and walking set so your dog can look great for your engagement photos, walking down the aisle, and partying with you at the afterparty. There is no reason that look needs be regulated to storage or the garage bin once the festivities are over. 

Use the sets everyday

 Shaya Wedding Collection accessories are made to last throughout all your special wedding moments and beyond. The leathers used in this collection (just like all of our other accessories) are water and scratch resistant. That means, even though they are white, you can use them everyday. Go for a walk looking extra stylish, walk onto a plane, or dress up together and go to an extra fancy dinner as a family. Basically we encourage you to use your wedding set to add a little extra sparkle to your daily life as a new family! 

Decorate your family home with memories from your wedding

You've probably heard of drying your bouquet and hanging it somewhere, but what about adding a memory of your bff in your wedding to the display? Slide the Michael bow of the David Collar and put it in a stylish frame, wrap the Jila Collar around the stem of your dried bouquet or use the leash as the timeline measurement with photos shown in progression from start to finish of your wedding day. 

Keep the set for future family events

What comes after marriage? Often, it's a baby in a carriage (sorry we had to). Save your Wedding Set for a special photoshoot when your baby is born. Your dog is sure to be your baby's bff, so you might as well memorialize the beginning of their friendship with an adorable photo session. 

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