Shaya Means Something

I had a list of 7 possible brand names months before I decided to officially start working on a luxury pet carrier. I wrote down names that felt meaningful and would continue to cut down when something better came along. Nothing on that list ever made it. One day I woke up with the name Shaya on my tongue, looked it up, and the rest was history. 

Shaya derives from the ancient Persian word for “worthy” and the Biblical name meaning “gift from God.” The connection to the meaning was instinatious. I had always felt like my dog, Baby G, had saved me during a challenging period in my life. She was and continues to be my gift from God. I also connected with the Persian meaning of the word in that I felt she and I were worthy of a healthy life filled with adventure. 

My Mom and Dad left Iran during the revolution in the 70s. As a result,  I grew up with fresh off the boat parents who raised my siblings and I with their customs. I am fortunate to identify as a Persian American, and to have grown up in such a rich culture. For me to serendipitously find a name that connects my love of dogs and my Persian heritage is truly special. 

Our name will always serve as a reminder of our family’s background while tying us to our mission of creating and supporting relationships between pets and their humans. To us, there is no higher calling than honoring the animals you love - and the ways they live (and move) with you. We design pieces of uncompromising quality that connect you both, because your time together is the ultimate luxury. And that is exactly what our name means. 

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