It's the time of the dogs - BUT also us!

No one is happy with Covid - except maybe our dogs. Cats tend to like us in small batches, but dogs are a huge fan of work-from-home. They are getting more walks, and for longer periods of times. We pass them more treats because we need them distracted while we write an email, or buy them a new toy to keep them entertained. Since it doesn't look like Covid is going anywhere, our dogs will continue to shine and enjoy the 24/7 spotlight made of our human attention. It's okay, because Shaya people are the ultimate pet lovers - we kind of love spoiling our pups & ourselves. 

BUT we still need to spend a little time pampering ourselves. Instead of buying your dog another toy, consider splurging on yourself just a little bit. Here are a few of our favorite products that we've been using during quarantine. 

Bone Charm

Our founder, Davina, bought a charm bracelet from Stella & Dog and filled it with a mix of dog and food related icons. Her favorite is definitely this bone charm

Basilica Cap

Turn your shower time into fashion time with the cutest (and most comfortable) shower cabs from Shhhower Cap. Every girl in our family has The Basilica cap. You could buy a few patterns and mix and match them with your towel color. 

Love Pop Card

Sit down and write someone you haven't gotten to see during Covid a card. It feels good to connect with someone the old-fashioned way, and it brightens their day to receive such a thoughtful message. We are obsessed by the cool cards from Love Pop. They even have a section for just because cards. 

Follain Body Butter

We are letting go of a lot during quarantine, but pampering ourselves should not be on that list. Our favorite skincare site, Follain, is the perfect place to find quality products that don't have a bunch of side effects. Set yourself a budget and start shopping. We are obsessed with their Rose Body Butter

Shaya Embossed Leather Leash

Last, but definitely not least, spend time upping your walking outfit. This might be the only time humans see you in the outside world - make it count. Buy a new outfit and match it with our Shaya leather leashes & clean up purses for a fashionable walk around the block. 

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