A Letter From Our Family


When our family first got our 5-pound yorkie mix, Baby G, it was to help me deal with a rough period in my life. She instantly brought joy to not only myself & my family but to those she’d run into on daily walks. Now, we are on day three of working from home and we all miss meeting new people during our daily walks down the streets of New York.

We have made a decision as a family to limit our social interactions and stay home as much as possible. It wasn’t easy – especially with a dog at home – but it’s what is needed as we fight the spread of Covid-19. Accordingly, we have consulted with health care professionals and decided to halt fulfillment of orders for the next two weeks. Our family packages each and every order of a Shaya product. While none of us have tested positive for the virus, we want to limit risks by holding onto packages until we are sure they will reach you safely without having touched the hands of someone who may be infected. We hope to resume fulfillment on March 30th.

If you are like us and staying home with a pet, you’ll find our blogpost on How to Keep Your Dog Entertained While Quarantined full of ideas to keep your best furry friend from eating your couch out of boredom.

We wish you, your family, and your bff’s health & laughter,

The Farahi Family (including Baby G)

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