The Taylor Collar - made for pets and designed for their stylish humans

Ever wanted to match your dog without being "that dog mom?" Now you can. 

Dog Collar that can double as a bracelet

We designed The Taylor Collar after modern double wrap bracelets (think Hermes). In fact, a few of our family members wore the XS dog collar as a bracelet or anklet for a few weeks and people couldn't believe it was a collar when we told them. 

Luxury Dog Collar with matching Leash and poop bag holder

The design of the Taylor covers everything you can imagine. It's a stylish collar, a safe collar, a functional collar & a comfortable collar for your dog. On top of that, our hardware doesn't pull dog hair and won't tarnish easily. Take your dog for a quick swim, let them roll in mud and run through the sprinkles. All you have to do is wipe the collar clean after and it's as good as new!

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