Raining? Walk with our water-resistant pet accessories

Tropical storms are hitting New York this week. That means you'll need a pet carrier, leash, and poop bag holder that are able to withstand wind, rain, tears, happy hour drinks and everything in between. 

We make pet products that can handle the rain whether it's for a quick potty break outside or a sprit home after getting caught in the storm. Every product (except for our cow hide accessories) are made with water-resistant materials. Shop now and be prepared for the next tropical storm. 

Shaya Cobalt Pet Carrier

Cobalt Blue Carrier 

If your best furry friend hates the rain as much as Baby G does, this carrier will keep them safe until you get where you need to go. 

Blush Pink Leash from Shaya Pets

Susan Leash in Blush

Usually you'd be worried that a pink leather leash would get dirty fast, but with the Susan Leash in Blush you'll never have to worry about that. Just wipe clean with a dry cloth and it's as good as new! 

Black Leather Clean Up Purse

Black Leather Clean Up Purse (aka poop bag holder)

This poop bag holder can keep more than just your poop bags dry. Fit your credit cards, cash and a few treats in there to keep dry while you are out and about with your bff. 

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