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There's never been a better time to be a female founder, but that doesn't mean we have a long way to go. As a female founder myself, I know how hard it is to build, launch, and run a brand. 

Designers expected to have the men in my family to have the final word on design ideas, in supplier meetings with Italian counterparts they spoke only to my father when he was present even though I was leading the exchange. This lack of acknowledgement for me as a decision maker was present in almost every exchange. The experience has pushed me to champion other female founders who I know have had to overcome the same challenges. That’s why I will be using our blog to highlight fellow female businesswomen who have created brands we love. While these products are not always "on brand", things will only change if the people who see a problem talk about it and actively work to change the system. 

 In this blog I’ll focus on brands creating products Baby G & I use at home.

Weezie towels loved by Shaya Pets

The first brand I’d like to highlight is one I’ve been following since its start – Weezie Towels. I actually went to grad school with one of the cofounders and was able to hear about the beginning stages of Weezie as they were happening. I can attest to how much thought, time, and love went into creating their towels. I use their regular bath towels, as well as their makeup remover towels. They don’t show makeup stains (great for if you have guests over and you accidentally left the towel out) and they are cute to boot with different stitched images. Baby G has her own bath towel from the brand as well. 

Check out Weezie on their website and give them a follow on Instagram @weezietowels

Popup florist flowers

Once a week I treat myself to a nice bouquet of flowers to put in my living room/office/exercise room/well you get it. On the days where I feel extra special, I order a bouquet from Popup Florist. Kelsie Hayes, the founder has created a truly special flower shop. Instead of traditional arrangements, you’ll always find something “fresh” about your bouquet. Whether it’s the flowers included or the ways it’s presented – there is always something unique about a popup flower arrangement. They ship nationally, so you don’t have to live in NYC where the shop is based.

Check out Popup Florist on their website and give them a follow on Instagram @popupflorist.

Have a Nice day mug

When we first launched Shaya we offered hand painted monograms. That’s when we discovered Steffi of Have A Nice Day. She’s an amazing artist who uses her talents to create beautiful works of art on luxury accessories, walls, and even products you can purchase for yourself. I’m personally in love with her coffee mugs. It’s something nice to look at first thing in the morning when you reach for your cup of joe. She owns and operates her small business while finding time to create something that will make you smile. She often shares her process on her Instagram. 

Check out Have A Nice Day on their website and give them a follow on Instagram @haveanicedayy_

Dutch oven by Great Jones

During quarantine I, like almost everyone else, turned to cooking as a release. I’ve stuck with it, so a couple of months ago I decided to upgrade my cookware. I wanted something functional, but if I was already spending the money, I also want to find something pretty. That’s where Great Jones came in. Founded by Maddy Moelis & Sierra Tishgart. I bought their Dutch oven and Hot Dish tray. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve lost count of how many no kneed olive breads I have made in that pot. I do know I have made 13 batches of chicken noodle soup in there. Honestly, the soup has an increased depth of flavor when cooking in my Dutch oven versus a regular pot. The tray is great for cooking chicken in the oven, and instead of platting it I can use the tray to serve guests since it has a beautiful design. Save yourself the dishes and invest in Great Jones.

Check out Great Jones on their website and give them a follow on Instagram @greatjones.

Shop Waggo Dog Bowls

Our last feature is probably our favorite. Female founded Waggo makes our favorite water and food bowls. They are stylish and stable, so even Baby G's aggressive water drinking habits aren't a problem. We love their ripple bowls the best but you'll find a lot of options to choose from on their site. 

Check out Waggo on their website and give them a follow on Instagram @shopwaggo

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