How to take your dog on a walk (safely) during Covid

The confusion around Covid has led to so many questions around keeping our pets safe and hindering the spread of the disease. One thing is clear our dogs are not a danger to us. But there are still things we can do to make sure our best furry friends (aka bffs) don’t carry germs into our homes. If you take your dog out of your home, consider following these steps:

  • Use dog wipes to clean their paws and areas that might have touched the ground while on a walk before entering your home again.
  • Wash your bff regularly but watch to make sure you are not causing skin irritation with over washing. Speak to your vet about how often it is safe to wash your pet.
  • If your dog has a backyard at home but needs to leave the house with you for any reason, consider using a carrier instead of letting them walk. This way they can still explore but will stay safe & clean in their carrier. Our community of dog lovers have been using their Shaya Carriers more than ever during the past few weeks for this very purpose. See cut pics below :)

Blush CarrierGolani in pet carrier

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