Cute Dog Bag? Yes, it exists

There are a million dog carriers out there to choose from, but only one that is made for comfort, safety and style - The Shaya Dog Carrier.

Our dog bag looks like anything but a dog bag. We designed our carriers to look like a modern tote bag so you can take it almost anywhere. We can't tell you to sneak your dog into restaurants with it, but we can tell you that it's been tested multiple times and no hostess or waitstaff member has ever realized they were serving a table with a furry dinner in attendance. 

Shaya Pet Carriers Made in Italy

Use your Shaya Carrier for your daily subway commute, on a flight to visit family, or to take your dog to work with you. It has space to fit everything they'll need for your adventure.

Golani in Carrier

Our Shaya Pet Carrier is FAA compliment and made to safely transport your bff from adventure to adventure. 

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Explore airline compliant carriers hand crafted from tip to handle in Italy.