Best Human Activities for Including Your Dog

We built the Shaya Pet Carrier so you can easily take your dog with you when running errands, heading to work, and hanging with friends. During the months of testing out our bags we asked a few pet parents where they would take their dog if they had a Shaya Carrier. We compiled a list of the top 3 ideas to inspire you to take your dog with you on your adventures. 

Picnic with you family

Our carrier has enough space that you could fit a large, collapsible water bowl, bag of treats, and a few balls in the inner pocket to enjoy during your picnic. 

Outdoor restaurant or bar 

If you have the space, put a blanket at the bottom of your Shaya Pet Carrier and pull it out to make a little bed for your bff while you get your eat & drink on. BTW, if you are single, your pet is the best way to get a conversation going with the cute guy/girl you spotted. 


While, before, you might have a carrier built for subway rides plus an airline compliant carrier, you now only need one. The Shaya Pet Carrier was built to go from everyday to flights and hotel stays. Our bag follows FAA guidelines and is sized to fit under major US Air Carrier seats. Always check with your airline before flying - but we’ve tested it and our soft-sided carrier hasn’t been turned away yet. 

It’s now easier than ever to include your pet with our luxury pet carrier. You can learn more about the bag and shop on our site

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